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That which results in the building of an empire and the anagramic truth in the word "imperialism". Generally considered to be a self-defeating form of governance.
In the latter half of the twentieth century, The United States, after the destruction of its manufacturing base, began utilizing empirialism in order to secure the resources necessary to maintain their precarious and ill-fated position as world leader. Rome and Great Britain are other historical examples of the failed policy of empirialism.
by Mikeyhead April 07, 2010
To actively participate in the purposeful creation of a new life form, usually through the process of sexual intercourse.
I remain hopeful that Laura and I will yet have an opportunity to cocreate.
by Mikeyhead September 11, 2010
The act of pinching one nostril shut and blasting mucous from the other nostril.
My allergies were so bad yesterday that I had to snoggle several times...
by Mikeyhead March 24, 2009
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