Discarded stubs of cigars or cigarettes...
There are many snipes on the street.
by ians88 March 03, 2008
Snipe is an all purpose word:
1)n. Of or pertaining to something that was attained in crutial timing or just an overal good thing.
2)v. The most common use. The process of attaining something in crutial timing. Specifically, it can refer to "hooking up" with someone.
1) "Dude, did you go to the movie last night?"
"Yea,it was almost sold out but I sniped the last ticket."

2) "Sup playa, did I see you makin' on some honeys last night?"
"You know it! I sniped some ass."
by B.J.A October 19, 2006
A half burned, but still good extinguished cigarette, found in an ash tray or on the ground.
Man, your work is a killer place for snipes!
by Devon August 18, 2004
New England slang for a scavenged, partially smoked cigarette.
"Go swipe us some mouthwash and I'll gather up some snipes."
by franc63 February 12, 2011
To place a bid on eBay at the last minute for a small price above the highest bidder.
"Ooh! This purse is only $10, and it has free shipping! But it has 30 bids. I guess I'll have to snipe."
by Frickin' I don't care June 10, 2009
1) n. Fraudulent tax return.

2) v. To flee the immediate jurisdiction or area.
1) Wesley Snipes filed a snipe, so he had to snipe.

2) "Yo, hoe, your daddy just opened the door, I best snipe.
by Spiffy Duke June 01, 2007
1) To over-do or 'kill' a joke, phrase, story, etc.
1) Shady or bad (see def. for bust)
2) Corny / lame
1) A person who sucks
2) A person who is not cool
What a shitty joke... dude, you sniped that so hard
There weren't any chicks there, that party was such a snipe
So he was on shrooms and started to talk to a cop... he was such a snipe
by Big Butta October 06, 2006

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