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A Weird Creature, That Thrives on Coke and Kitten Toes, Loves Babies, Cares for Opossums, Has an Ugly-Ass Cowboy Hat, Makes you feel like a god, Makes Stupid Chii- Hmm Faces, and makes AIDS Lemon Flavored.
That Girl on Jersey Shore, looks just like Snikki.
by Karmassin November 12, 2010
A sneaky fool...a person who tries to be cool and sneaky but really is a fool.
Dude 1: hey man, whats crackin my homey g doggy dog.
Dude 2:uh...if you are asking how things are going i would say they are fine...i guess. (wow what a snikki)
by orange slice chocolate dip March 19, 2010
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