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An ice hockey term. When a player takes another player into the boards and rubs his sweaty smelly hockey glove all over the other player's face.
"Hey, didya see the FACE WASH Ty Domi gave Jeremy Roenick? Nasty."
by Colonel Hogan July 19, 2005
To grab a handful of snow, tackle a friend to the ground and proceed in rubbing their face with the cold snow.
During the snowball fight, I got tackled and face washed.
by ThePickle December 30, 2003
in a hockey fight when one player rubs the smelly ass plah of his hockey glove up and down the other players face, like he was washing his face, its one of the most annoying and aggrivatting things, not to mention degrading, a badass move.
oh man, stock just gave that guy a nice facewash, bet hes pretty pissed
by dave February 07, 2005
ice hockey variation a facewash in an ice hockey game is a provocative move or an attempt at intimidation that may precede a fight where the aggressor performs the facewash wearing his or her hockey glove allowing the sweat-soaked (and often ubernasty smelling) leather palm of the glove to do the washing and make the point.
When Pronger facewashed the rookie in the corner, the kid retaliated with a punch and they both went to the box.
by sonomamike June 04, 2009
When a girl gives a guy a hand job, just as they are about to cum, aim their dick so they jizz all over their own face. Who needs neutrogena?
This one time, I gave my boyfriend a face wash and it cleared up his acne.

by take that! February 11, 2006
When recieving oral sex from a woman, to pull back and spray her face.
See bukake
Man she didn't expect that facewash!
by JacksonPI January 28, 2006
When a male ejaculates into his hand and Proceeds to rub the ejaculate onto another persons face in a circular motion.
"that a-hole jonny face washed me last night"

"Man i face washed my girlfriend last night, it was hilarious."
by Kevin rob ryan August 03, 2008
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