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The act of or attempt to seduce one with the intent to penetrate via an internet chat forum.
I was chatting about football with the guy and then he sniked me. I told him I don't swing that way.
by Nicster January 28, 2008
A euphenisim for the word shit. Used commonly to describe a wtf situation where one person exclaims loudly a sense of suprise, or astonishment at an occurence of events. Like something exploding at your feet
A: WEEEEEEEEE (yelled as going down roller coaster)

B: dude I friggin hate our boss
oh snikes, there he is. (gulps and wrings out collar)
by TheManWhoShowsAll February 01, 2010
a verb, originating from a rare breed of winter traveling hippie native to Colorado, one goes sniking when taking a hike in the snow.

Sniking is the primary means of transportation for hippies in the winter.

The hippies all went on a snike to do what hippies do.
by Ranadeedee April 02, 2009
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