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“Snerf”, a word derived from the Latin term “shnurfus” meaning “to disable”, has a variety of different definitions. The most prolific of these relating to an individuals’ stature and/or ranking in society. “Snerf” is an extremely flexible term and can be used both as an expletive and a complement depending on the context in which it is used. Therefore, “snerf” can be used in place of words like “fuck”, “gay”, “bitch”, and “shit”, in order to add extra flavor to any sentence. Although it is most commonly used as a noun, snerf can be applied as an adjective, verb, adverb etc.
"What the snerf?"
"I was snerfing last night and my mom came in the room."
"That is one good looking snerfette."
"He is totally snerfed."
"Snerf the snerfing snerfers."
by SweetPelican December 30, 2009
1. To run freely, nude, or partially nude 2. To dance freely, with little recognition of others, to the beat of music. 3. A jerk who thinks he can do whatever he wants.

Started in a small school in KY as a joke, was used throught many close areas, and became a popular word.
Came to be used as a partial insult when people would hit each other when dancing. Basically it means to do what you want.
1. I went and snerved throught the house. 2. Man he snerves up the dancefloor. 3. Man he snerved on my shoe, now i have to kill him.
by Blake Howard February 11, 2005
A snerf is a person who sniffs a recently vacated bicycle seat
"What's Fred doing to that kid's bike?"
"He's smelling the seat! What a snerf!"
by smattnc February 22, 2010
"snerf" is that nasty sound that someone makes when they suck air forcefully up through their snot filled nose.
George has snot dripping from his nose again! I wish he'd just snerf it up.
by The Bellinghamster April 21, 2005
snerf is a game.the object is to get a person to say the word ...what?
1:Hey charles did that guy just have sex with a ferret?
2:ahh shit son u's got me son.
by illllmattic December 02, 2007
a bush or shrubbery found only in the deep woods of michigan.
holy shit thats a weird looking snerf!
by lwarnos September 06, 2008
Another word for cool, rad, awesome, amazing, sick, wacky, elektrik, and fly.
Holy shit that was snerf!
That movie was snerf!
You are so snerf!
by Walter Ferrari January 27, 2007
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