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An extremely sneaky person. Synonymous with Slippery Pickle.
Puckett: Wow! Neighbor is quite the sneaky beaver. You never know when or where he will pop up.
by proseb4hos May 24, 2009
A term used by MLG announcer Chris Puckett that doesnt even make sense and doesnt involve assassinations.
... here goes Tsquared going sneaky beaver
by Ghero1014 April 21, 2010
A classic tactic employed by ugly girls who have a hard time getting any, the sneaky beaver is when said girl slips some roofies into your drink and takes you back to her place. As you gradually come to a few hours later, you wonder what your penis is doing in this stranger's vagina. Then it hits you, "shit, it's the sneaky beaver."
"Dude, I woke up last night mid-bone with Julia. That bitch got me with the sneaky beaver!"
by keats!!! January 14, 2010
When a Guy or Girl, Gives Oral Without the other person knowing.
I was Watching TV last night and sarah suprised me witha sneaky beaver!
by beaverwalker February 10, 2011
Alias for a girl that comes into a guys room and sucks his big, hard cock off while he's sleeping. If the guy wakes up, he usually still pretends as though he is sleeping.
Dude, I totally had a sneaky beaver come in on me last night at the hotel. When I woke up, I just put my hands on the back of her neck and slammed my dick into the back of her throat.
by Chizzzzy July 25, 2008

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