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People that are enormously cool, and deserve to be revered for ever and given free money when seen at the mall/in the streets/being cool.
Damn, Andrew and Shannon are the snavest people in the world!
by snavE werdnA March 06, 2006
adj. Anything cunning, sneaky or underhand.

n. A deceitful, slimey or unscrupulous person; a thief or a conman.
Todd "Where's my wallet?"

Keith "I dunno, but there was a greasy old guy walking very closeley behind you five minutes ago, and he looked like a snave to me."

Todd "I think I saw him - short-arse, string vest, hairy arms?"

Keith "That's the one. Look, he's over there by the grocery stall, go get him."
by galacticbeetroot August 29, 2010
A slanderous term for a damaged vagina
She had received lots of hot beef injections, and her snave was beginning to fall apart
by crawlyvaginaface August 31, 2011