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a beautiful, amazing, intelligent, fun, perfect girl who always talks down about herself, but in actuality a person would have to be completely dense to not LOVE her!
"Dude, don't you LOVE Elsie?!"
"Wow, you're an idiot. :D"
by californiajade February 12, 2010
dim (diminished/diminutive)of English given name Elizabeth
Elizabeth (aka Elsie) Sommers
by Glen F. Pritchett July 04, 2006
A photograph of a person caught in the act of taking a selfie.
We accidentally took an elsie. In the background of our group photo you can see some girl with her cellphone in the air taking a selfie.
by THRHMOMTR August 23, 2013
Elsie = (L C) = (La Curly)

When straight haired girls style their hair curly.
Look at Roxsan today man, she's gone totally Elsie.

Elsie from AC is curlier than a wurly this morning!
by A night in Rome August 26, 2009
In Canada stands for Liquor Control Board, eg. LCBO... Liquor Control Board of Ontario. Clip it to L.C., and make it a name.
I couldn't find any Cuervo at the Elsie, so I got you Sauza. YECH!
by youdbesoluckytoknowme October 31, 2006
A little Asian girl who is book smart and has a big list of jokes that are sometimes lame -_-. She is funny and loves Hello Kitty, and has an obsession with tacos and can be found in the parking lots of Chino Hills High school talking to druggies.
That yellow girl is so ELSIE!
by Luis PMFM January 18, 2009
Fuck shit fuckhead from shitsfuckvile
"haha look at the Elsie"
by Jonnylol February 06, 2009