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A beast of myth that is said to prowl the wooded wilderness in the Pacific Northwest United States, said to be an enormous hirsute vagina on legs. Common complaints are bothersome odor and stealing food from campsites. Rarely photographed.
Tom went hiking and encountered a snatchquatch that tried to take his food.
by Speedy Reggie June 15, 2013
Snatch·quatch n. A mythical inhabitant of urban environments. Large and obnoxious, it assumes everyone is its best friend. It quickly pisses off those around it by never shutting up, constantly making waves and shitalking enourmous amounts of gossip.
I find Iris to be a complete snatchquatch. I never get a word in edgewise when talking with her and she wouldn't stop hanging all over every single person at the party we went this weekend.
by Derek Jeter October 17, 2004
A girl who has a terrible hairy pussy
Like Omfg did you see that girl with the green jacket i heard she was a Snatchquatch
by RavenVanity February 24, 2011
A Snatchquatch is a Big Hair Vagina. When you make your move for home you look down and see a Forest of Pubes resembling a Sasquatch or Chewbacca.
Did you see the girl that dude took home last night? She was a total Snatchquatch!
by Snarky Turd October 12, 2008
1. A woman who has a hairy vagina.
2. A bitch who is hairy in general.
3. A bitch who has so much hair betwixt her legs, that she looks like a Sasquatch
Dude, that chick was a total "Snatchquatch", I got down between her legs and couldn't even see her pussy because there was so much hair!
by Neorift September 24, 2010
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