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a blow job...you dumb fuck
Hey...after this dinner....You owe me....a ummmmmmmm a a a .... a snarlin
by stmf371 September 20, 2003
The term is a generic term used to describe the look on a man's face when performing oral sex on a woman. Term originates in the lte 1980s from the Grease Man radio show.
A- You give your girl a special to make up to her?
B- Oh yeah! I gave her a snarlin of epic proportions.
by EL_Coyote April 06, 2010
1.) refers to a blow job
2.) often known as S.O.A.L. or snarlin of a lifetime
3.) to gobble a penis
That bitch gave me a snarlin all night.
It was the soal and I jizzed in her eye.
by Brian Johnson March 29, 2005