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The noise you make from your nose when you dont agree with what is done or said.A quick expulsion of air commonly used in conjunction with a menacing frown, crinkled eye brows and sarcastic retort. >=/ A sort of combination of snort and sniff.
"that is the goofiest hat you've ever worn". (person wearing the hat makes this face >=/ with a "snaff" from the nose
by Torry Chapman- Flippin AR August 31, 2002
The noise you make when you see or hear something that amuses you, but only enough to make you breathe a little harder out of your nose one time.
Why are you showing me a picture that only made you snaff?
by RoofeeOOOOO August 05, 2013
To tease someone by trying to startle them.
Stop trying to snaff me, I won't break.
by Solatiyum May 16, 2007
A person (usually a dude) who acts or dresses like a gaylord.
haaaaaaaaah ha ha ha, he wears a pink track suit. what a snaff.
by goldenbrown February 24, 2005
ME! A person who uses the word gwee in every other sentance.
ME!! Doode I am Snaff
by Snaff March 10, 2004