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5 definitions by Solatiyum

Shit in the literal sense. Used as a euphemism by people too squeamish to say shit, too cool to say excrement, and too grown-up to say poopy.
Ick! You've got dog drit on your shoe!
by Solatiyum May 16, 2007
A long coat worn to conceal the ragged/dirty/mismatched clothes underneath.
No, she's not homeless. She just wears that frog coat because she knows how bad her fashion sense is.
by Solatiyum May 16, 2007
A mythical "perfect job" where you produce nothing measurable, are not closely observed, and can spend all day masturbating, or playing Minesweeper, or writing the Great American Novel, or whatever your bag is. A shortening of sinecure?
I'm sick of bagging groceries. I'm gonna go back to school so I can get me a sink.
by Solatiyum May 16, 2007
To tease someone by trying to startle them.
Stop trying to snaff me, I won't break.
by Solatiyum May 16, 2007
Summer, especially when it's very hot and sticky.
I'm going to sit out the stews in my air-conditioned room.
by Solatiyum May 16, 2007