synonym for "sack". used as code for drugs which are packaged in plastic sacks.
(on the phone)
chris-"what up big boy? got any more twankie snacks i can munch on?"
big boy-"yeah, stop by my babies maw-maws house."
by hightimesRgoodtimes February 28, 2004
Someone you don't really don't love or care for and in fact really hate, but would want a one-time encounter with just to satisfy your sexual urges.
I don't know why you keep in touch with her, she's a snack.
by spidina June 09, 2005
Someone that is there to temporarily relieve the hunger you crave. Tie you over. one who fullfills the duties of pleasing you without having the commitment attached and more respect is given, unlike a booty call. Its more than just sex, and it's ALL understood!
Em is a good midnight snack!
by negrita del sol February 04, 2010
sexual interactions
I had some snacks with my girlfriend.
by Austin Rys June 13, 2004
A very hot guy. Synonymous with tasty treat.
Friend: Do you think Chris Hemsworth is hot?
You: Oh yeah... total snack!
by Anthony808 December 21, 2014
Another word to call weed when in a public place with friends.
Hey guys after we get off work let's get a (snack) and chill
by Sweetsurndr August 28, 2011
a midget that is smaller than a chihuahua
"Little Snack Big World"
by chick cat November 03, 2009

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