The space between a woman's snatch and crack.
That looks like a good snack. That snack smells good. Let's eat some snack's tonight. To a woman: I'd like a snack, how about you? Wow! That snack is sooooooo wet.
by jhar June 02, 2006
An over indulgence in a food substance
Henry Robinson often indulges in too many snacks
by Ben all mighty 12 November 01, 2009
Snack is equivalent to saying "Snap", which ultimately replaces the word "Fuck". It's a polite alternative to the F word.
"Oh Snack!! this girl is kyooot!!"
"Snack, I forgot my lunch money again!"
"Dude, stop being a snacker and call up some hoes"
by Jordan Collins August 01, 2006
To throw food and other shit at people, on their cars, and at their house.
Fat Henry at Edith Macy girl scout center is a fuckin moolie. Lets snack that bitch!
by Mustache Rida July 21, 2004
a term used to decribe an ugly female

the spanish equivalent would be snaquettas
eww...that girl looks like SNACKS!
by Bnasty16 November 21, 2010
Any sexually orienteted part of the body, including but not lmiited to nipples, booty, and mouths.
I was after his snacks till I found out he had a girlfriend. Kanye West has some good snacks!
by AKristieCat October 25, 2010
1. Shit, in all it's various forms.
2. A woman of loose morals.
3. Fuck
1. As in Fluffy snacked on the carpet again. OR SNACK! I forgot my keys.
2. As in ...that snack ass ho!
3. As in SNACK, I hate when that happens!, or Wanna snack? or Snack you!

by kittylundy December 04, 2006

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