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puZZy – An Abstract misrepresentation of the female genitalia most commonly used by males to express excited emotions, sexual frustration, and out right spontaneity. puZZy may at times be used out of context, in fact puZZy may be used in daily conversations. In some cases, puZZy may be used to egg someone on… i.e. “your friend” Also puZZy may not be used as “Pussy” they are both different in a sense… depending which part of the universe you’re from… in other words, puZZy is not “The happiest place on earth”

-Doctored By Sexapunch On Ragnarok Online

Pronunciation: (puuuh-zeee!)
Scenario 1: Chillin With The Homeys
Guy: I’m going home to play with my puZZy!!!
Guy’s Friends: Laughs*

Scenario 2: Two guys playing a video game and guy #2 lost
Guy 2: Damn I LOST!
Guy 1: Haha! That Was For Your puZZy!!!
by Mistress G. March 14, 2005
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a person who makes you laugh, for often an indescribeable reason, and makes you want to give them a big tight squeezey hug!! the term given to such a hug is a 'Puzzy Contact'
live your life and you'll find puzzy's everywhere!'ll know when you have the urge to hug them!
by james smith February 17, 2004
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