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A name a couple madly in love uses to call the other person. A pet name.
Amanda: "I love you smushy!"
Christopher: "I love you too, smush"
by cm191 April 25, 2011
30 7
Soft yet firm. Nice to put your face in. Can't get enough of it. Perfect erotic texture.
OMG Paul your face is so smushy. Mmmm I just wanna kiss you. Yum.
by Reenizle October 18, 2010
19 5
When something is soft and mushy.
That chick's titties are very smushy.
by he's tiny! October 01, 2007
28 20
adjective used to describe something squishy but is not exactly squishy
mmmmm the sand under my toes feels smushy
by joshular February 01, 2010
8 4