when you take a rock and slam it down the exhaust hole that is in the top of porta-shitters so that the blue toilet water splashes the unfourtinate occupant in the ass while they are shitting.
man i just smurfed the fuck out of jeff and he's PISESED!!
by imnottellinguwhy January 05, 2011
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To get slapped across the cheeks by a penis till they turn blue.
OMG, his cheecks are blue, he has been 'Smurfed'!
by Matthew B December 05, 2004
To get wacked in the face with a penis
My friend Smurfed me on my porch when i wasnt looking....
by Jenny September 06, 2004
Means fucked. Etymologically derived from the fact that the word fuck is used as all parts of speech. For example, "I'm going to fucking fuck your fuck-nut face up you fuckity fuck-wad." Similarly, Smurfs would use Smurf with the same versatility. For example, "Gargamel, I'm going to smurfing smurf your smurfing smurf-nosed face, and then smurf your cat Azriel."
Person1: So you really like this guy?
Person2: Yeah, he's not insane, smart, has a job, and he smurfed me like a school-girl.
by scott trowbridge July 08, 2006
Smurf, or to be Smurfed is the state of mind where you are not sane. An example would be under the influence of any mind altering intoxicant, i.e. (alcohol, marijuana, pills of any sort, etc. )
"Lets smurf it up tonight!"
"Fool, Im so smurfed."
by Smurf Me Please July 25, 2009
When you go to take a dump in a "Port-a-John" type toilet and it has been recently cleaned and you get a splash back that gets the blue liquid all over your ass and balls.
I just went to take a dump and I got smurfed.
by jammats69 September 09, 2014
When an attractive girl sends you all the signals that will make you think that you totally and absolutely will sleep with her that night and it never happens for no definitive reason, resulting in the condition known as blue balls.
Guy 1: Dude, I'm totally making out with this chick at the bar. I am so taking her home!
Guy 2: Awesome!
2 minutes later...
Guy 1: The chick just left! I thought she was gonna sleep with me!
Guy 2: Sorry dude, you just got smurfed!
by Tongman December 26, 2013

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