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A mix of two separate phrases

A) Smarmy Cunt
B) Smug Cunt

There are many conjoined words like this that make very useful code, especially in a school or an office enviroment. As much as someone may think they know what you are talking about they cant prove a thing (unless of course they are reading this!).
That fat guy at work... you know the absolute Smunt!


(James) - That guy is so cock sure of himself, yet he stinks and answers the phone for a living.

(Ross) - Yes he is a right Smunt!
by WossyWouchen October 26, 2009
A smug cunt. A woman who has never accomplished anything but thinks herself smart, informed, and relevant, when in fact she is capable only of manipulating others by virtue of the fact she has a great rack. A woman who thinks herself a great wit and orator, but only speaks in non sequiturs and word salad. Usually of the Republican and Christofascist persuasion. Thinks George W Bush is a genius and that Ronald Reagan was actually the Second Coming.
Sarah Palin is the archetype for your typical smunt.
by StanielBlorch August 14, 2009
A word you can use to call someone thats worse than a slut, muffin, and a cunt put together.
"Did you see Sophie at the party last night? She gave a blowjob and blumpkin to like 20 guys"
"I know right, she's such a smunt!"
by SmuntLover69 August 19, 2011
a vagina so small annd tight that it resembles smurfettes cunt
I nailed this gorgeous little slut last night, she had the tightest little smunt
by maltese rene November 03, 2011
Sm'unt: Alliteration of Smug and Cunt, and also of Smarmy and Cunt. Usually defined by Loud Smarmy Cunts.

Someone who is loud, obnoxious, arrogant, ignorant, bigoted and generally noisome.
"Oi! Smunty!"

"Look at that Smunty Bastard"
by Chef1972 October 18, 2011
Smurf Cunt.

A term used within the Ingress gaming community, to describe an obnoxious and sociopathic smurf. A smurf is someone who plays for the blue team (the Resistance).
That fat bloke from Tooting is by far the biggest smunt I've ever met.
by February 22, 2015

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