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Nitrous oxide. Can be bought over the internet for 'culinary purposes'. A cheap drug that makes everything funnier, usually taken in a balloon so you get oxygen as well and don't die.
Mike: Dude do you wanna buy me some laughing gas?
Brett: Shit man i'm skint you get it.
by Abraham Smith April 30, 2007
The result of laughing so hard you fart.
(Someone tells an awesome joke)
(Someone laughs & farts as a result)
"Dude, what the heck was that?"
"Aw, sorry man, it was laughing gas."
by Flamin Jeez April 23, 2009
Nitrous oxid,e a gas used as a propellant, in engines, and as a drug
He had apparently had access to laughing gas and fell down after inhaling it.
by The Return of Light Joker April 20, 2010