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An incoherent jumble of words, normally refers to speech observed in schizophrenia.
"And my time is a piece of wax fallin’ on a termite that’s chokin’ on the splinters"
by typo December 28, 2004
An almost incoherent sentence produced by typing too fast and not proof-reading. Usually the result of IT professionals who are busier fixing a problem than worrying about email. (Often believed to be caused by a stroke or alcohol)
Zur: Can I get a T90AIMS and T90ESP database created.
DBA: We already created T90AIMS.
Zur: * So we still are still sort a T90ESP db
DBA: Dude, are you OK?
Hays: He's just drunk
Zur: Word salad. Typing too fast for brain.
Rat: I thought you were having a stroke.
by tinky2jed December 09, 2008
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