An adjective describing someone or something that is unbearably cute/adorable.

Variants include: smunch (verb and noun), smunchiest (for emphasis) and smunchbag (can be both a noun and adjective).
"What a smunchy bastard!"

"That kitten is the smunchiest smunch that ever smunched."
by Gwaxl April 04, 2005
Really comfortable, warm and cosy.
Ooh wow, this jacket/Jumper/whatever/poison wrap is soooo smunchy!

Oh MY GOODNESS!!!!! THESE ARE THE SMUNCHIEST PANTS! How much are they? ($400000) TAKEN!
by Manet March 23, 2008
originally used by taco bell to mean smooshy melty crunchy.

A person who is highly perverted and tends to have a way off clinging to people. They are the kind who are likely to stalk somebody or follow them around, especially when they are unwanted. Being a third wheel or being placed in an awkward situation does not bother or discourage them.

Someone who is smunchy may be very creepy and forcefully touch people in a way that they think is funny. When told to stop they will repeatedly ask "why?" because they dont understand what is inapproriate and socially awkward.A person who is smunchy may may also make bad jokes at horrible times.

A person maybe be called the following:
a smunch
Troy is always grabbing my boobs! he is so smunchy!
by missethinkstroysasmunch November 26, 2010
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