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To rub an erect penis against a gooch in order to smooth that gooch.
Blaine smooth gooched Liza until her gooch was as soft as gooch leather.
by ticklemypickle31 April 26, 2011
16 2
(verb) to rub an erect penis along the skin of a male or female gooch/taint in order to smooth it or to gain pleasure.
I couldn't handle Liza's taint hair so i smooth gooched it all away.
by wickboi5117 April 28, 2011
14 3
The process of smoothing ones gooch or taint be repeatedly rubbing an erect penis onto the gooch or taint.
After I smooth gooched my girl friend, I had no problem with going downstairs.
by imaboy5117 April 25, 2011
11 1