When a person is extra smooth.
That dude just yarded two chicks at the same time. Damn, he's smoosh.
by Jason L Booth April 24, 2007
acting like a smoosh is known to be acting like an idiot.
i smoosh ed that dog he is now pissed off haha even if it is fun.
by tarder September 28, 2005
nice or sexy or good looking in general.
that chick was smoosh!
eww look at taylor very unsmoosh.
by woopdeewoopniggawhat May 14, 2007
the act of two guy's fucking each other in the ass at the same time. very hard to do and only the well endowed can do it.

damn dude mike and adam asked me if i like to smoosh, after i told them yes they let me join in on the fun.
by bad andy hasselhoff June 20, 2006
A slang word created by Vanessa and Virginia. No one else gets the definition and if they try to then they are just being lame.
smoosh you smooshhead!
by AlexWreck June 07, 2004
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