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To 'get it.' Have intercourse. To hook up. Generally unattached, but can be done between couples. Similar to smash only with more cuddly undertones. Smooshing might be used in place of 'smashing' when it's someone the person actually cares about, whether as a friend or more. They do, indeed, want to fuck, but a bit of cuddling and talking is not completely frowned upon and no ill will is meant with a smoosh. Just a mutual friendly fucking.
girl -"are you trying to smash?!"
boy - "no! not at all! but i wouldn't mind if we smooshed..."
girl - "oh, well that's fine then!"

girl1 - "so are you going to go get dinner with him?"
girl2 - "hell no! i just wanted to fuck. he wants to be friends and cuddle and smoosh. dinner will give him the wrong idea."

girl - "do you wanna smoosh tonight?"
boy - "hell yeah! my bed or yours?"
by xKingston February 27, 2011
19 19
To squash; to smear, smudge, splat or genarally mess up.
Past tense: smooshed.
John: That kid is about to smoosh ice cream all over his face.

Sarah: I thought my nails were dry, but they got smooshed!
by gazareth87 April 20, 2011
28 30
To squeeze lightly, slowly, lovingly.
I smooshed her boobies from the outside of her sweater.
by Flukeyballs May 15, 2006
166 168
A combination of two (possibly more) words to form one word. A virtual staple on Urbandictionary.
Smoosh of hill and mountain: mill

Smoosh of lion and tiger: liger
by TreeWeezel January 17, 2012
7 10
1. n; Seattle's remarkable pop-based indie-rock sister duo comprised of Asya (13) on vocals & keyboards and Chloe (11) on drums.

2. tr. v.; To squash or mash.
1. Smoosh is the most exciting band.

2. I sat on my sack lunch and squashed my pb&j.
by Daniel April 01, 2005
69 85
to join/integrate
i smoosh my mint ice cream with strawberry ice cream and chocolate sprinkles...mmmmmmmm. smooshy.
by Pretty Vacant May 14, 2004
38 57
Extraordinary Indie band from Seattle, Wa and Stockholm, Sweden. Three sisters; Asya (18) keyboards, melodica, guitar; vocals and lyrics.
Chloe (16) drums; backing vocals..
Maia (13) bass guitar; album art.
Smoosh first album She Like Electric 2004 release
Smoosh second album Free To Stay 2006 release
Smoosh Third album The World's Not Bad 2010 release
by gregsticker1 June 13, 2010
4 24