the sexual act of a man cumming inside a woman who is on her period and then she pushes it out of her vagina, resulting in a slurry of blood and cum which closely resembles melted strawberry ice cream
#1 How was your date with Stacey, Mr. Charles??
#2 It was splendid really, she was on the blob(period), so we decided to have a STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM session. It ruined her sheets really, but the memory will last longer than our relationship!!!
#1 That's wonderful Mr Charles!! will you be going back for seconds??
#2 Not till next month..........
by milenkovitch August 27, 2008
Another word for a penis,cock,dick,wang, schlong
Can I have some Strawberry Ice Cream for dessert?
by Mike Krotch October 21, 2007

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