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A god in the Battlefield 1942 community.
Person looked upon and admired by all.
One day i'll be as good as Smiggs.
by Anonymous July 20, 2003
adjective. dope, or hot; swagg
Guy 1: Check her out

Guy 2: She got dat ass, and girl got dress game

Guy 1: Yea, she smigg
by That(Dope)Girl May 09, 2011
Smigg - basically anything you want it to mean or anyway you take it... a smigg is a smigg

It can be almost any part of speech... obviously not a pronoun, preposition or gerund

It's a replacement for FUCK. Great for people with kids.
1. What the smigg?

2. Smigg!!!!

3. You smigged that one up.

4. you are such a smiggin smigg.

5. you smigged that so smigginly.

if you use it you know it....rutgers style
by schmecklestein May 14, 2009
smigg = cigarette

Noun: short for cigarette
Let's go out for a smigg.
Do you have a smigg I can have?
by Jeremy Arca January 08, 2008
inventor or the phrase "in my bed" because he is a cheap hooker
hoo ker
by Anonymous July 30, 2003
wierd funny looking child, whos abilities in Bf1942 are as bad as Velox's
enemy smiggs spotted
by anonomous December 15, 2003