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A Level of Hotness for a Girl. Smashables are girls that you would definately have sex with sober, willingly and quickly if given the chance. Smashables are right behind the top tier of hotness which is Edible
Yeah there are a bunch of Smashables in the bar tonight.
by Copperspot of the Undercity May 13, 2009
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a girl or women that is very attractive, thus you want to have sex with, to smash with
She is very smashable.
by vtboyinfl June 07, 2010
Meaning a person is ready for you to "smash", or you would "smash" them.
aka; put your p in their v or v on v or p in b
DO IT WITH THEM , but in a less vulgar way.
I saw this hot girl at the club, she was totally smashable.
by youngrichouttacontrol February 02, 2011
A girl who is definitely someone who could, would, or should be smashed. Characterized by their ability to make sandwiches and give the same time.
Dude, she is smashable, tell her to make you a sandwich then smash.
by Jow Chang October 17, 2010
A woman (or man) that, if you were to undergo sexual intercourse with, you'd perform unusual, hardcore porn like moves in attempt to have a painful yet pleasureful sex, causing him/her to limp for 2 weeks after.
Josh: What do you think of that girl buying a flirtini?
Nortn: Oh that blond one? She's definatly smashable.
by Boz Gunn November 22, 2007
They are either borderline ugly or just hot in general. You would easily have sex with them. Usually used to describe trashy looking girls.
That girl is smashable but definitely wouldn't date them.
by TGOD941 July 06, 2010

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