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1) A Ford Escort. We all know what an 'escort' is.

2) Any vehicle which has carried many passengers. Compare to a town bicycle.
1) "Yea dude, everyone pile into my Slutmobile. It's a high performance machine, custom tuned for carting you stringy haired sluts around town."

2) "Your car is a total slutmobile, dude, everyone's had a ride."
by Danny Delinquent June 02, 2006
A car belonging to a member of the female sex.
Hey Christina, your slutmobile needs an oil change.
by guesswho171 October 01, 2011
A vehicle consisting of a number of women who are morally challenged. The physical attributes of a slutmobile can vary from dark tinted mirrored windows to neon car effect lights.
Hey hoe get the fuck in my slutmobile before I bang you on the street nigga what!!
by Bazel April 29, 2006
someone who has had gay buttsex in a car.
You slutmobile, you got my backseat all white!
by PaulJarBinks May 24, 2003
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