Saying the word "slut" so it sounds like "sloot". More socially acceptable, and more fun to say!
"She licked my choda like a dirty slute!"
by choda84 March 02, 2006
Top Definition
A spin-off of the word slut. The word "slute" is used in context at work or in front of an actual "slut" to keep the dumb bitch or politically correct retards at work from bitching at HR. It can also be used dynamically to reflect a cracked out whore that you'd consider sleeping with after a line of coke and a 12 pack.
Man! That slute is ugly. Gimme a coupla' more beers and its on.
by Bobby April 26, 2004
(n.) A name for a woman known for harboring many varieties of STDs, despite a potentially minimal sexual history.

Also, a term of endearment for the revered women of B.O.O.T.
B.O.O.T. slutes rock!

That one slute totally hit me in the face with a few of her STDs on the bus today.
by TheLoudestFan April 20, 2009
A slute is only a girl that's typically horny, dresses skanky/inappropriate, or seems very slutty but you don't have physical evidence that they are a slut.
Dude, she's a slute, just look at how she's dressed. It's so provocative.
by UnfilledPokedex January 12, 2014
Attractive female who dresses like a mixture of a valley girl and a slut, but does not necessarilly put out. Very convenient to use in public while around an actual slut, assuming that the dumb slut cannot recognize the connection that is so obvious to the rest of us above normal retards. See yaa
Check out that slute in the red with the fuckin' cans.
by Jake March 17, 2005
As you could imagine, a slute is a dirty, nasty, and skanky woman or man. But it's mostly used to describe women who would sleep with anything or any one. That includes this fence post I'm staring at that none of you can see. So avoid "slutes" at all costs. Next is my bad example, so enjoy.
Bro, stay away from her! She's such a slute, that onece she fucked a garden gnome.
by Only_ user_name_not_taken April 10, 2015
A wanna-be slut.
That girl Shayla is such a slute!
by Ethan Money July 01, 2014
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