when a female experiences the combination of embarrassment and sexual excitement, creating the combination of facial blushing and an increased vaginal secretions.
when I told her I only wanted her to have my babies, she started slushing.
by drewfro June 20, 2007
Top Definition

‘Slushing’ is the act of sifting through websites in order to source quality links and information to share on social bookmarking and networking sites
“I’ve been up all night slushing” – “Johnny spent most of his time online slushing content”
by 3ncryptabl3 June 27, 2008
The act of rotating your penis inside a girl once you have ejaculated, enthusiastically, until once again erect, and repeat.

Derives from the act of mixing slush puppies with a straw to mix the flavour.
Slushing is messy!

If you don't shut up, I'm going to slush your mum all night long.
by gunner_do_ur_mum March 23, 2011
When a group of people pelt somebody with frozen beverages.
I just saw a group of kids with some Slurpees, I think they are going slushing.
by CElevenUd January 11, 2014
When it's not quite snowing, yet not quite raining. It's pretty depressing as far as weather goes.
Nothing better than dirty slush on the side of the interstate. Why does it have to be slushing?! Why?!
by Ohioan December 10, 2006
Since the 1970s, this was driving a car with wide tires in the centerlane after a snow storm. The centerlane was usually not plowed. This resulted in slush being sprayed into the oncoming traffic.
We went slushing in the delta last night.

I tried going slushing in a honda but the tires weren't wide enough to do any good.

by Joe Iron March 24, 2008
Rubbing menstrual blood over your arms, then sliding the smooth side of the razor over your arm, pretending to cut yourself. Often leads to multiple orgasms.
I didn't have the balls to cut myself, so I went slushing instead. Then cried black tears in a corner.
by Emdizzzzle October 06, 2007
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