A clique on the internet consisting of a few different people, mainly on Twitter.

The word 'slore' is slut and whore combined, and we started calling eachother that, hence our clique name 'Slores'
Goodnight, Slores! xoxox
by LittleBillyx December 23, 2009
A cross breed between a Whore and a Slut!! A true Purebreed!
That bitch is such a Slore
by Bowdizzlefoshizzle June 27, 2009
A slut & a whore
Damn patricia is such a slore.
by C-HAM October 15, 2008
a combo of slut and whore
that chelsea is such a SLORE!!

she was all over him like a slore
by KAragon September 01, 2008
A combination of the two words; SLUT + WHORE= SLORE
Usually said to trick ass bitches/chickenheads who can't get dicks out there mouths.
Osama: Dayum wdf; sabrina juss slept with her boyfriend's cOusin tyrOne !

jerry: wat a SLORE !
by sOftiie August 28, 2008
Slut + whore= slore
combining 2 words 2 create another!!!!
slore is someone who is UGLY and has sex with more that 5 guys before the age of 16
she is a "slore"!!!

omg that girl over there is 15 and i can name 10 guys she has slept with!!!
by nook lee shs May 04, 2008
SLORE meaning Slut and Whore. Mostly relating to a girl.
AYE ! That girl is such a SLORE.
by JEEEEDDDD ! March 29, 2008
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