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A cross breed between a Whore and a Slut!! A true Purebreed!
That bitch is such a Slore
by Bowdizzlefoshizzle June 27, 2009
A slut & a whore
Damn patricia is such a slore.
by C-HAM October 15, 2008
a combo of slut and whore
that chelsea is such a SLORE!!

she was all over him like a slore
by KAragon September 01, 2008
Slut + whore= slore
combining 2 words 2 create another!!!!
slore is someone who is UGLY and has sex with more that 5 guys before the age of 16
she is a "slore"!!!

omg that girl over there is 15 and i can name 10 guys she has slept with!!!
by nook lee shs May 04, 2008
SLORE meaning Slut and Whore. Mostly relating to a girl.
AYE ! That girl is such a SLORE.
by JEEEEDDDD ! March 29, 2008
Slut and whore combined - usually spoken by accident, at the worst possible time, such as during a heated argument in which you don't want to make an ass of yourself but you say this word then you end up making an ass of yourself.
"F*** you man! You're an asshole!"
"Yeah well you're a cock!"
by AdamH1234 September 25, 2007
A mix between a Slut and a Whore. Someone who gets around.
There are many slores that live in my barracks, look-- I see three right now!
by UTB September 09, 2007