A combination of a slut and whore.
"Dude, your mom is the biggest slore I have ever met!"
by SeekUpDMB5 November 14, 2002
slut and whore
what a slore
by shauna perry February 19, 2004
A combination of the words slut and whore used frequently in Somerville Massachusetts.
As we were walking to Stop and Shop, Lombard spotted some slores and quickly pointed them out to his friends. Hey guys, right there! Slores!
by General Motors September 27, 2006
Jen. Combination and middle ground of the words whore and slut.
Jen is a slore.
by Ginger Hobbit April 18, 2010
1. A cross between a slut and a whore. A woman who is loose sexually but does not demand the going street value for sex , but still manges to be compensated.
Chrissy, did you see Anitilose leave with that guy that bought her a Budweiser , she blew him in the parking lot just for that one beer, she is such a slore !!
by BOSSAROCKASURUS February 15, 2012
A slut and a whore.
That girl Haizel is such a slore!
by Adeeeeeezy December 11, 2008
The nickname for a "slutty whore". These girls are the coolest of the cool. They know how to play it and everyone wants to be them. Basically your typical Chally 4 gal :)
Oh my gosh. She is such a slore. I wish I was her!
by nansicles May 04, 2011
n. originally a combination of "slut" and "whore"; however, the word is now mostly used to describe obnoxious suburban girls that, though they have never engaged in sexual intercourse, begin to act like nymphomaniacs after imbibing a beer and a half.
Matt: "Did you hear about Sara and Olivia last night?"
Aidan: "Yes, I heard they voided their bowels from all three orifices."
Matt: "Fucking slores."
by Reggae Boy March 07, 2011

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