1. A powerful infusion of the words slut and whore.
2. A fierce creature identified as a minion of Gozer in the movie Ghostbusters.
1. That girl is such a slore!
2. Then, during the third reconciliation of the Voldroni, the supplicants chose the form of a Giant Slore! Many Shubs and Zhools knew what it was like to be roasted in the belly of a Slore that day, I can tell you.
by DC March 14, 2005
A combonation between the two words 'slut' and 'whore'. Used on someone who has done something bad enough and deserves both those words at the same time.
OMG! I can't beleive that you slept with all those guys and my boyfriend! You're such a slore.
by RachAel Hu., June 02, 2007
a very, very promiscuous person. combination of the words slut and whore
that girl brings a different man to her room everyday. she is such a slor
by me! February 19, 2005
A combination between a slut and a whore. Tends to fuck anything she can get her hands on. Literally. Even whores think she's a slut.
"I'm a prostitute, but damn that girls a slore"
by Murphh February 08, 2014
A slore is someone that is as slow as a sloth and also is a whore. But not a whore... "aye slore come collect dis ting" " you FN slore meh guh box ya"
"aye you FN slore, wha tek ya suh long"
by koonj May 04, 2013
SLORE = slut + whore

someone who is both . . . a combination of two friend, one of which is slutty and the other is whore- like
1) that girl is such a SLORE, she sleep with everything that moves

2) look at those two coming our way...SLORE alert!
by AnastasiaBeaverhausen7 February 04, 2013
slut and a whore. taking every available guy and having the right capabilities to be worn like a hat!
Chris: "hey look over there kirsty has a rugby team all over her, what a slore"
by Bummingshaw March 04, 2012
A Slutty Whore!!
That trashy woman is a Slore!
by Sob7r September 06, 2011

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