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A person with a title of Supervisor that has no authority over the people reporting to them or a Supervisor that has no people reporting to them.
I can come and go as I please and do what I want and the stupidvisor has nothing to say about it!
by VAD April 04, 2014
the act of smoking a high-end cigar (like Cohiba or Romeo & Juliet) stuffed with weed
Yea we Goddin'
by Vad January 19, 2014
1) absent-minded activity that usualy involves drooling
2) spaced-outedness that results from hot weather condions
3) combination of #1 and #2
ex1: i was sloring at the bus stop on a hot day
ex2: stop sloring and finish your ice-cream before it melts!
by vad August 24, 2003
very simple... if you know slipknot, you can understand they kick ass and they make the best music ever.... HOWEVER .. if you dont know who they are... just get a life and stop listen to some fuckin fag music such as...hum rap?hiphop?
dude1: man i just went to the best show ever yesterday ... i even had a chance to see usher backstage
dude2: i knew u were retarded dude , but thats worst than what i expected...
by vad May 01, 2005

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