combination of the words slut and booze
"that theta chick was such a slooze, she was all over Hatch"
by Hatch December 04, 2003
Top Definition
A girl who is known as a slut and goes out every weekend on campus.
Boy "Damn, you got got with Julie tonight?"
Other Boy "Yeah man she gave it all up"
Both "What a slooze!!"
by lasillest09er March 07, 2011
to do something really well, destroy the competition.
'Hey RIchie, I totally sloozed in the game today'

'When i'm back to fitness I will slooze'
by vipeyvallero January 16, 2012
The act of cum unknowingly leaking out of a woman's vagina after performing intercourse with a man, despite any efforts made to clean up.

Combination of slut and ooze.
"Omg Stacey I slept with Chad and then sloozed all over the bus seat on the way home!"
by SaltyPretzel July 07, 2016
Slooze - Missing out on something good on account of failing to pay attention.
Sonya invited me to escort her to the bedroom, but I sloozed.
by shan ye November 05, 2011
Is anyone who sleeps around with no rhyme or reason and usually they loose put slooze with loose or lose and by golly george u got it.
My neighbor is such a slooze she had several guys over in one night for sex and had the nerve to ask me for my soap chips to clean herself up with.

My brother is such a slooze he tries to get me to hook him up with all of my friends. "I mean all"
by Christina Campbell November 27, 2007
A very determined secretive person, that will stop at nothing to pursue their goal.
These people are usually also quite musically talented!
Hey, who's that guy playing music?

Oh that guy? Not really sure, but he's such a Slooze!
by thelint July 03, 2016
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