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Both slick and smooth at the same time.
A: (Comment about how they screwed up)
B: (sarcastic) Slooth(!)
by TehNavi February 03, 2010
A evil cousin of the sloath. Resulted when a mutation formed in the Sloath's chromosome 4761. Can be identified by its long slinky arms, razor-sharp claw, that daunting smile, and slenderman face. Pray that you will never meet it. Once you become its target, you can't run or hide. It will come and kill you. If you do, just beg its whatever-conscience-it-has-left for mercy. Wants complete-world domination.
Spread the word about the slooth and sloaths to warn everyone about their killing instincts. Just make sure they don't find out it's you who is spreading the word or they will murder you in an unspeakable way.
by sex-&-slytherin February 11, 2014
A slutty female that has sex with many people. Used as an insult or description of someone's sex life.
You stupid slooth! Get out of my house!

I heard that she was a major slooth in college.

I fucked your mom, what a slooth!
by wherdmaka July 31, 2013
Something that immature and vigorously ignorant people call eachother.
Hey, you slooth, aren't i cool now?
by john mung August 02, 2006

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