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A combination of a slut and a mooch.
How was your date with Kathy last Friday? I took her to dinner and then we went to a party and she ended up going home with some other dude - what a slooch!
by Lord Bismarck October 27, 2011
Douches that wait in the rain for Grand Theft Auto 4.
Those guys in front of the Gamestop are a bunch of slooches.
by Spicy Lunch April 28, 2008
a cross between a slut and hooch
dont be such a slooch
by Abhi January 10, 2004
A slimy cooch.
That girl with herpes has a nasty slooch.
by Mundi Kufu September 28, 2003
A slutty ass girl who uses her body, her lips, her ass, whatever to get what she wants
I was at the bar, the girl came up to me, kidssed me on the lips, then the slooch got mad when i wouldn't buy her a damn drink
by J September 10, 2003

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