n. - a person, usually male, around 6'3, with a heavy British accent that sounds like a cross between Ozzy Osbourne and Wallace from Wallace and Gromit. Synonyms- Sam
by muahahaha February 04, 2003
Top Definition
The act of poking someone while they are asleep.

Note: In Glasgow, to "poke" a girl is the same as to finger her.
Guy 1: How did your date go last night? Any action?
Guy 2: She fell asleep on the sofa, so I just sloked her and went home.
by lauracide January 07, 2011
When you have been eating a lot of salt, or 'cloggy' foods, and you have a drink of either coke or pepsi. A sloke is the feeling you get down your throat when you drink it. A cold chilling fizzy sensation that cures all your dehydrated clogginess.
'I need a sloke after that pizza!'

'The way it slokes down my throat...incredible'

'Bursting for a sloke i swear! I'm so dehydrated :('
by fholme April 07, 2010
To slap and choke someone. This could be done as a single motion, but usually is seperated by derogatory remarks/threats.
Blake found out the baby wasn't his, and he sloked that ho right on stage!
by ~ Ill Clinton ~ December 11, 2009
Is a chocolate chip and banananannna pancake on top of a rake, it has toes and it honks also likes to lick.
the Sloke that was inside her legs on wednesday morning.
by Sharon_ November 07, 2006

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