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A word meaning hoe slash slut.
That girl looks like such a sloe.
by Kyra June 02, 2003
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A type of gin infused with Sloe berries
by Anonymous June 03, 2003
a slut and a hoe... yeah thats right all you slut hoes out there
That Anna girl who keeps hooking up with my ex-boyfriend only when shes high is such a sloe.
by Natalie February 14, 2005
The combination of a slut and a hoe. A bopper who doesn't care who they bop and do it all the time.
Damn Megan is a sloe, she bopped on that dude in the movie theater and then bopped her man.
by 4biddenFantasy August 29, 2005
Hoe and Slut mixed.
Look at her, she is such a sloe!
by Emo Kid June 02, 2003
Stoner Crew, Badass kidds (Stoner Life Over Everything)
Those kids are hella sloe, they stay blunted !
by Sloe kidd Dram February 28, 2011
A super slutty hoe. A girl who likes to interact with as many genitalia as possible in the least amount of time.
Look at that sloe! She needs to wash her sheets like every night..
by crooke January 27, 2008

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