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To drool over something.
Ew, don't slive on my bed!
by The He March 28, 2012
a small snake that slithers and stabs you in the back
nick condo is a slive
by Papa Nigg September 24, 2009
the act of trading, specifically alcohol, where a group of people purchase different types of a beverage then evenly distribute them so that each person has some of each type.

Beer slive is the most common version. In this version each person in the group buys a different case of beer.
We did a beer slive last week. 12 of us all bought a unique case of beer, so we all went home with 2 of each beer.
by jem141 July 13, 2012
A big/fat black women, who crosses the the street and doesn't care if she gets hit by a car.
Jimbob: Hey look over there! I see a darn did there a slive!
by flyer_26 June 16, 2011