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A slut who you always see wondering the hall of Pikes house looking for a new guy to sleep with.
Person 1: did you hear name nailed 2 guys last night?
Person 2: yea, she's always sliggin it up.
by KillaJ February 17, 2005
A half-slug, half-squid creature in mechanical pants, carrying an automatic shotgun. Get in its line of sight and it'll own your ass like there's no tomorrow.
Don't let a Slig see you, or your ass is grass!

When a Slig shouts "Look out!" the wise Mudokon hits the deck!
by MisterVercetti August 19, 2008

One who personifies characteristics of the above.

Plural: Sligs
We have to go visit the sligs of apartment 406.

She was acting like a real slig last night.

She was real sliggity towards Aaron.
by Andy19 March 12, 2006
its a term used in the hood when ur talkin about a hoe
person1:yo u know (name)fucked like 3 guys at that party
person2:shes a slig
by K fleury February 07, 2005
my dude, my du, or it could be a name. or could be used as any other noun ex. cig = slig. Usually said before mai or boo mai. Could also be used for roasting someone.
look at dis here pumpkin bumby neck slig boy boy. You best back up you slig. Let me bumb a slig. Man, you my slig. Feel me?= Slig me? slig kick me? Im the King Slig, Slig mai, slig mai boo mai.
by SligPawl October 15, 2007
Secret Live-in Girlfriend
Shawn's had a slig since April, thats why he hasn't been hanging out.
by RKhan September 13, 2007
half slug, half pig = SLIG. This is a word I invented way back in the 80's. It basically describes a person who is a lazy sack of S***.
If someone is not pulling their weight at work, you could say "Come on man, Don't be a Slig."
by Billy Cotter September 01, 2008
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