A long and hard-packed, cylinder piece of shit lacerating the sides of a toilet bowl and leaving heavy, soiled swipe marks as it's flushed down a toilet.
Ah man that toile bowl looks sick... looks like someone had a slider a mile long.
by Koola User September 04, 2003
Ice Man's RIO from the movie Top Gun.
Goose: "What happened, Slider? I thought you wanted to be a pilot!"
Slider: "Goose you're such a dickhead, who's butt did you kiss to get in here anyway?"
Goose: "The list is long but distinguished!"
Slider: "Yeah, well so's my johnson! ::takes shot::"


(after 'Charlie' seemingly turns Maverick down)
Slider: "Crash and burn, eh Mav?"
Maverick: "Slider... :snifsnif: .......You stink."
Slider: ::confused look:: ::smells armpit::
by vash1053 May 30, 2009
A dirtbag who somehow has scraped enough change together to make it from some crappy Atlantic seaboard state down I-95 to Florida, and then was to laxy to go any farther. Usually, the plan was to go to Miami, but they ended up polluting the streets of Jacksonville Beach. This can be a male or female, young or old, usually of caucasian ethnicity, with limited education, and absolutely no class whatsoever. They are easy to spot by their sideways ball caps, fake gold jewelry, wife beater t-shirt, and always have a cigarette hanging out of the side of the mouth when talking. This creature can usually be found drunk or fighting, when not busy stealing.
Did you see that tool riding that bicycle with the ape hanger handlebars?

Yeah man, what a slider--look, he even has a Salt Life t-shirt! Ha! Go home to Delaware man!
by P-diddy1968 March 25, 2009
A person who can disrupt and or change electric currents.
Sliders have been known to blow light bulbs or electronic devices turning on and off.
by Sarah WhatITIS December 17, 2008
A slider is the act of defecating with the utmost ease. Sit down and it slides right out with no evidence on the first wipe. The best days.

Also knows as the "Porcelain pit stop"
Yo dude, how'd it come out?
Slider, baby!
by ODubya July 12, 2004
Slang term used to describe a woman's vaginal cavity.
"Ok miss Finnigan, just put your legs in the stirrups and we'll take a good look at that slider of yours."
by Dean Myerscough January 20, 2010
The act of rapidly removing aside a desk/table someone is napping on. As the unwary victim has inclined on the table with its full weight, and formed a hand-cushion for the head, denying the table to the napper will cause an instant, unstoppable, head fall to the ground, resulting in, amongst other things, a violent wake up.
Look at the bruise on that guy's forehead; I just gave him a slider!
by Benefactor January 02, 2008
To Slide a member of your team, to wait for them to meet their end and come out from behind a wall.
Oh my god tommy!! you Slider!
by Adeam May 16, 2007

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