A great tv show first aired in mid 90's, starred jerry O'connell, Sabrina Lloyd, Cleavant Derricks and Jon Rhys Davis. A young student at university of SF discovers a portal to a parallell earth by accident whilst looking to create an anti grav device

First two series are great goes mainly downhill form there.
"You mean we can just, like slide through this and boom we are on another planet"- Sabrina llyods character 'Wade Wells'

Response: "No, same planet different dimension"- 'Quinn mallory' played by Jerry O'connell
by mgr5 June 02, 2005
the stem of a bong which contains the bowl. Once the bong is filled with smoke, you "slide" the slider out in order to clear the bong.
u better pull that slider out, you gotta lotta smoke filled up
by M feezy October 14, 2004
Hard breaking ball (curving pitch) which comes in looking like a fastball, then darts away at the last second. It is the best friend of most power pitchers in the game today.
Randy Johnson and Steve Carlton have some the greatest sliders anyone can ever remember of.
by Amaury Warfield September 30, 2005
People who show up to parties and don't pay for anything. They steal your beer and liquor without paying. You can spot a slider by hearing phrases such as:
"What kind of beer do you guys have?"
"Dude this party is awesome, can I have a beer?"
(walk in the door) "Next on the table"
(walk in the door) Amy: Hey guys sweet party
Chuck: ...thanks?
Amy: What kind of beer do you guys have? (holds a beer examining it)
Chuck: ...Keystone
Amy: Cool, next on the table!
Dave (to chuck): Sliders...
by SUUUWUUU February 16, 2010
In Britain, The Bristolian way of pronouncing Somerset's most famous beverage - cider.

This due to the fact that despite Bristol is one of the biggest and advanced cities in the UK, everyone there sounds like a farmer.
Bristolian 1: alright my babber (hello mate), you ant (havent) hadda (had a) booze (drink) yet ad' ya (have you)?

Bristolian 2: awww that'd be gurt lush (that would be very nice) i well fancy a slider (i would really like a cider)
by ben0304 July 31, 2011
A square shaped hamburger served at White Castle resturants.
Let's go get some sliders.
by twista719 May 30, 2006
Small greasy hamburgers (round or square) topped with fried onions (sliced stringy or chopped minced) and thin sour dill pickles. Mustard, ketchup, and cheese is optional. They are most commonly sold at small white ceramic tiled diners, often with a castle design, an Art Deco design, or 50's malt shop design. The most famous and most commercially successful sliders were made by White Castle Hamburgers. Their sliders are square in shape. With 5 holes took out the very thin patty. They are not as good as sliders from the Independant places, but they are cheaper. Bray's, Greene's, Tel Way, Hunter, Bates, White Way, Top Hat, And Comet are a few of the Independant slider restaurants that exist or has existed.
White Castles is cool, but I want some real sliders. Hawaiian bun double sliders with cheese, pickles and fried onions hanging out.
by NHMC December 27, 2014

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