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This is a crappy idiot who made the worst game modification ever! This word often means:

n "sock".
adjective "crappy" or "stinky".
vb "to make something crappy"
I've got wet sliders! They stink!

He made Jedi Academy game so sliderish!

Oh no! The game has been slidered...
by MeusH February 23, 2005
3 17
A person who can disrupt and or change electric currents.
Sliders have been known to blow light bulbs or electronic devices turning on and off.
by Sarah WhatITIS December 17, 2008
1 9
The act of rapidly removing aside a desk/table someone is napping on. As the unwary victim has inclined on the table with its full weight, and formed a hand-cushion for the head, denying the table to the napper will cause an instant, unstoppable, head fall to the ground, resulting in, amongst other things, a violent wake up.
Look at the bruise on that guy's forehead; I just gave him a slider!
by Benefactor January 02, 2008
1 9
The Bristolian term for a slide in a kids playground.
When I was your age I was more interested in playing on the swings and sliders down the park.
by Stew March 31, 2005
9 17
A slider is the act of defecating with the utmost ease. Sit down and it slides right out with no evidence on the first wipe. The best days.

Also knows as the "Porcelain pit stop"
Yo dude, how'd it come out?
Slider, baby!
by ODubya July 12, 2004
8 16
blow job, head, chrome dome, oral sex, brain
johnny and i were behind the bleachers when i gave him a slider!

im gonna give you the best slider EVVA!
by SCHILLA THE KILLA November 12, 2010
1 10
To Slide a member of your team, to wait for them to meet their end and come out from behind a wall.
Oh my god tommy!! you Slider!
by Adeam May 16, 2007
5 14
When an exotic dancer picks a dollar bill off your face using only her vagina. Takes an extraordinary amount of skill, coordination, precision, and strength developed through a strict kiegel regimen.
"My head is still wet from that slider."

Ralphie: This bitch totally gave me a slider last night.
Billy: No shit, I gotta get me a slider too.
Ralphie: Holla atcha boi.
by Dogs Day Doom Day Afternoon May 03, 2010
4 14