The act of smoking bud before going to bed. This will give the smoker a strong mid night snack appetite and a long and satisfying sleep.
Yo dude, you wanna meet up for a sleeper creeper, I need to get a really good night of sleep tonight.
by Maba January 23, 2007
Top Definition
The act of having sexual intercourse with someone while they are sleeping or passed out. Despite hearing many reports of successful fornication the prey will usually wake up and have the predator thrown in jail.
Flip- "Dude! Alexa's passed out in my room right now, Im about to pull the Sleeper Creeper on her. You wanna come over and take turns?"

Skip- "Naw, Ill pass this time. Besides I smashed that months ago."

by YumYum69 October 25, 2008
the act of fucking your partner while they are asleep
dude i totaly pulled a sleeper creeper on my girl last night.
by dirty_duece May 18, 2010
masturbating and ejaculating over someone's face while they are asleep.
I totally gave that fat bitch a sleeper creeper
by thepinksyd January 08, 2010
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