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Having sex with an unattractive woman, most likely brought on by alcohal consumption.
Dave got really drunk last night and ended up slaying the dragon.
by _LG_ January 23, 2006
When a man has sex with a rather large and unattractive woman who appears to have scales on her body due to stretch marks.
Christian: Hey Dave I heard you were slaying the dragon last night.

Dave: Well you gotta slay a couple of dragons before you get to the princess.
by Willup B January 31, 2011
v. The act of having sex with a fat chick
Guy 1: I heard Todd is getting lucky in the other room
Guy 2: It's no big deal man, he's just slaying the dragon.
by Dragonslayer69 June 28, 2012
A term used for calming down one's significant other if they are acting irrational, casting allegations or generally nagging to no end about anything
Sorry that I'm late fellas. I was home slaying the dragon as my girl saw Samantha's Facebook post on my wall earlier today!
by Thechriseco November 30, 2011
V. When one pees in each urinal and stall in a bathroom during one trip
Man, Chad is so good at slaying the dragon. I heard he's done it in every bathroom in the school.
by Gidzhead July 28, 2013
I wank that is so great and fierce that it leaves you exhausted, also ejactulation is usual more than a metre in lenght
"Jesus mate I was slaying the dragon last nite, cudnt move for like 10 minutes, was completely out of it"

"Yeah, James said he wasnt up for fooling around cause he was slaying the dragon couple of minutes before i showed up"
by BadgerWarrior July 11, 2009
A euphemism role-playing game enthusiasts and nerds use in place of masturbation.
Loser 1: Why weren't you playing World of Warcraft yesterday?

Loser 2: Sorry dude, I was slaying the dragon.
by jab4343 March 01, 2010
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