slambag is a word that was made up by a group of people in new jersey it can mean anything you want it to be so if you use this word in school there is no way you can get in call your teacher a slambag if you want!
Hey Miss Taylor you are a slambag!!!!
by Shana December 23, 2004
Top Definition
slam bag (n) - a female ho or a slut one that has spent a specific amount of her days laying on her back getting slammed.
see also. Cumdumpster
Dude you hit it she is such a slambag!
by The Sturgis October 17, 2005
a slut or loose woman usually kept around so da homies get some
-Yo you bringing round Melissa I need to wet my wang.
-Dude go for it she is such a slam bag.
by Brednob December 17, 2004
when a bitch has titties and its like damn thats too much titties. no elasticity. nipples all stretched out and they're skinny at the top.
That bitch's slambags coulda been tucked in her jeans.
by ShoelessM February 10, 2009
The act of slamming on ur brakes causing the girl you are swurvin' to hit her head where the airbag is knocking her out. This is only necessary when the girl wakes up from being swurved and starts freaking out.
I was swurvin' this girl hard and she woke up and flipped i had to execute a slambag.
by derk333 March 27, 2011
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