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an alternative to teabagging, the act of touching ones testicles to another's face
Alex is going for the sexy slam dunk. What if the shot clock runs out?
by the Chillburger April 06, 2009
One of the greatest sport comics ever, about a high school basketball team. The main character's headstrong determination and lack of self consciousness will become the spirit of this team.
"Sannoh is a good team."
by LeonC August 03, 2003
When you cup your hand above someones chest and push down on their tits. Usually done after scooping someone

person2: SLAM DUNK!!

person1: aww!
by jack hunt May 15, 2011
A slam-dunk hit is a smash hit.
The film 'Avatar' was a slam-dunk hit.
by uttam maharjan August 28, 2010
Shortly after a woman gives birth, a witness in the room proceeds to palm the baby's head and redirects the newly born baby back into the womb.
Father, about his newly born child: I was really quite surprised when the obstetrician slam dunked little Maxwell.
by Jackie Peterpants March 17, 2010
The act of placing one's testicles into a woman's anus during intercourse. Generally, this occurs without the woman's knowledge.
Man: Dude, last night I was banging this broad and then I went for the slam dunk and made her scream! It was fucking funny.
Friend: Damn. You should have donkey punched her too.
by bojanglesmchuffington July 28, 2007
To remove the back portion of a toilet and take a shit in there. No one looks in there and in a few days will stink and no one will know to look there. Usually done to someone you dont like.
"I just slam dunked in Jim's toilet! It's going to stink in two days."
by alfamonke June 09, 2005